Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Chase

So, this is the same story as last week but told from the dogs eye view. Enjoy.

The Chase

Monty sat on the front lawn of the cottage and chewed his rubber bone. He was a dog of simple pleasures. He liked to eat, chew and on occasion, lick his nether regions. For the past few weeks this had comprised his existence. He’d been dropped up to his current home by his owners Sam and Lisa when their new baby had been born. They thought owning a Great Dane and a small crying human was mutually exclusive and left Monty with Lisa’s sixty year old mother. She lived on her own and was glad of the company and protection that owning a dog the size of a donkey could bring.

Monty’s problem was that Lisa’s mother had recently undergone hip replacement surgery. She couldn’t go on the long walks that Monty had been used to. Monty now suffered from an excess of energy which had to be spent somehow, normally by chewing rubber bones and enthusiastically licking of everything within reach.  

The sound of someone running along the road caused Monty’s ears to prick up.  A red faced woman passed by. Monty stood up and a thought flashed through his mind:


Monty studied the concept for a second and walked out onto the road. The woman looked back in his direction. That settled it:


Monty pursued the woman up the hill. She increased her speed. Monty decided she was playing with him and kept up the pace. He wanted the game to last so he didn’t go at top speed.

Chasing! Chasing! Licky! mused Monty as he followed the woman.

His mouth hung open and drool fell as he continued the game. The woman made a sound like laughter. He remembered laughter. Lisa used to laugh so much when they played in the garden. Monty ran faster and gained ground. The woman turned to look at him and Monty took the opportunity to jump up at her, seeking a kiss. She fell backwards and Monty landed beside her. He barked in amusement and commenced licking her face.

Licky! Licky! Licky! thought Monty as he left a puddle of drool on the woman’s cheek. He liked making new friends.

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